The first day of the 2018 China Junior Golf Masters

Time flies, last year our  China Junior Golf Masters showed a high level of golf players. During the finals attracted a lot of attention to young players. In 2018, we constantly receive reports about great achievements of our Chinese golf players. The female Feng Shanshan was ranked first in the world. The men and women of the Asian Games in Jakarta won two gold medals, two silver and two bronze medals. These achievements are historical breakthroughs to Chinese golf history,its bringing vitality to Chinese golf. The 2018 China Junior Golf Masters is also a gathering of masters, and it is bound to select more future stars.

The China Youth Golf Masters is one of the highest level golf events sponsored by the China High School Advancement Association. It aims to provide high-level golf venue so that outstanding young players can further develop and grow. The event was hosted by the China Golf Association, hosted by the Leyard Group | Global D Sports Company, co-organized by Ali Sports (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and jointly operated by Shanghai Bi Cool Sports Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hammer Youth Sports Club.

This year's competition takes place at the Nantong Changjiang Golf Club, is located on the Kaisha Island in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. It was designed by the famous Chinese professional player Cheng Jun and the Thai designer Sangfan. It is built on the riverside. The young golfers enjoy the natural beauty.

Li Hailong, director of the competition department of China Golf Association, Sun Weijun, director of the management committee of Tongsha Kaisha Island Resort, Nantong City, Zhou Wei, Director of Sports Marketing, Liard De Germany, Yang Xiaobo, General Manager of Shanghai Hammer Youth Sports Club, Yangtze River, Nantong Wang Hongbo, general manager of the golf club, and Xu Jianwei, director of the table tennis training base, attended the kick-off ceremony of the "2018 China Youth Golf Masters".

On the first day of the game, Luo Xuan 73 (+1) led the men's team; in the women's team, Yang Jieming and Deng Jingfan both surrendered 72 and won two shots.

Yang Jieming

Yang Jieming, a 15-year-old player, participated in two women's mid-courses at the beginning of this year. In recent months, she has been training and playing abroad with the national amateur training team. In the 2017 China Junior Golf Masters, she won the 4th place. Yang Jieming said: "The Nantong Yangtze River Golf Club has a lot of bunkers, and the greens are fast and steep, which is very difficult to deal with."

Deng Jingfan

Deng Jingfan said: "The last 9 holes are more difficult than the first 9 holes. Today's swing is relatively stable, and there is enough space." She has already received an admission notice from the University of Washington and will enter the school in 2020.

The 2018 China Youth Masters competition has a strong lineup because the registration threshold is very high: the top 30 in the China Youth Association's youth rankings, the world's amateur points (the top 1000), the HSBC Youth Championship, the National Youth Championship, The HSBC National Championship Finals, as well as the men's teams A, B and C and the women's A, B and C champions of the National Match Play Championships are eligible to register. I believe that the next battle will be very exciting, and the strongest player in China's youth golf will be decided.

Under the leadership and support of the China Golf Association, the Leyard Group| Global D Sports Company is confident to build the "Masters" into a youth event with great international influence, providing an excellent competition platform for young players and a golf career. Development contributes.