2019 China Open at the opening ceremony 10,000 people sang "My and my country"

Chian Open is the most influential comprehensive tennis event in Asia, its attracts the world's top players and a large number of fans. This year is the 16th birthday of China Open. As the global leader in audiovisual technology, Leyard has been working with China Open for six years. As the exclusive partner of this event, this year will continue to provide professional and high-quality services for the competition, bringing nearly 1,000 square meters of LED display products to the show, providing high-definition and cool visual effects services for the competition, allowing the audience to understand the event information and the progress of the game at a glance. , player style, etc.

Powerful lineup of lop players

As the last WTA tennis event of the year, the China Open tennis tournament has always been super powerful. This year's Australian Open champions Osaka Naomi, French Open champion Batty, Wimbledon champion Halep, and US Open champion Andrescu all came to Beijing to participate. This year's four Grand Slam champions appeared in the draw, once again verifying the appeal and influence of the China Open.

In terms of ATP, the total prize money for the men’s event in the 2019 was increased from $3.4 million to $3.52 million. The number of prizes continued to lead the ATP500. The attention of the men’s players extremely attracted. More than half of the Top10 and more than half of the Top20, the long-awaited match between the top stars and the rising supernova will be the biggest attraction of this year's China Open men's singles. Men's doubles, including the current doubles world number one and many pairs of Grand Slam men's doubles champions will go hand in hand to add glory to the star-studded China Net team.

LED screen is the bright HD effect in the tournament

This year, LED screens reached nearly 1,000 square meters, background screens, venue screens, broadcast screens, score screens, advertising screens, etc. bloomed, creating the top-level event experience of the 2019 China Open. As the exclusive partner of the event, the Leyard Group realizes the combination of LED technology and events, realizes the high-definition broadcast of event information, creates a good viewing experience, presents high-tech LEDs to bring a cool HD experience, and creates a vision of dazzling new events. feast.

Delightful open ceremony

The opening ceremony of the 2019 China Tennis was staged at the Diamond Stadium, which opened a nine-day race. This year, the China Open was celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. At the opening ceremony, nearly 10,000 spectators sang the song "Me and My Motherland" and gave a deep affection to the motherland. This became the biggest highlight of the opening ceremony of the China Open this year. Olympic champions, sponsor representatives, organizing committee leaders, media reporters and live fans have witnessed this exciting moment.

The opening ceremony began in the solemn chorus of the national anthem, and then the crisp children's chorus sounded. The Chinese Song Ching Ling Art Troupe, the Tibet Youth Choir, the Big Dreamer Junior Choir and the children of the China open musici pend led the audience to sing the song "Me and My Motherland". Tang Jiuhong, Zheng Haixia, Yang Ling, Chen Zhong, Qian Hong, Chai Yunlong, Li Wei, Liu Wei, Zhang Ning, Ye Qiaobo and other Olympic champions, world champions, and the current China Net players representative Zhang Shuai and Wang Wei have entered the diamond stadium center. The national flag of the hand held the flag slowly, and the audience sang together to express the most sincere love and blessings of tennis fans to the motherland. It also reflected the national network that China Net has been showing to the world that is undergoing great rejuvenation. Have a high spirit.