2019 Chinese Handball Association Super League

The  opening match of the 2019 Chinese Men's Handball Super League took place at the Beijing Glory Stadium. The were four cities 26 games and the July 30th we see the exiting final matches.On July 30, the Chinese National Men's Handball Club won the Guangdong Luhuan Men's Handball Club with the score 40-27 this is remarkable victory in the three-game victory.

"I haven't felt this kind of stadium atmosphere for a long time. I feel like I am playing the National Games." Chinese team member Wang Juncheng said after the game. Mr. Li, the citizen who first watched the handball game, told the reporter that although the rules of the opponent's ball were not known, they could feel the beauty of the sport. "

The opening of the Chinese Men's Handball Super League can be described with one word as "surprise". It is understood the league has adopted the highest domestic standards in media promotion, advertising construction, television broadcasting, staffing, venue packaging, logistics support, etc., and also invited high-level athletes from Europe to join in, and strive to create a handball that can fully demonstrate A uniquely attractive league.

As the title sponsor of this event, Leyard Group | Global D Sports said: "In the development of handball in China, the Super League has a milestone significance, and we are very happy to participate and witness this moment."

The wonderful presentation of the first race is only the beginning. I believe that with the development of the league, more and more people will understand handball, fall in love with handball and participate in handball. And Leyard Group|Global D Sports wish luck to the handball teams in the next year.