Glory for ten years - 2019 IAAF Diamond League - Shanghai Stop successfully finished

On the evening of May 18th, Shanghai Stadium, after the 23-year-old Noah Lies first crossed the men's 100m finish line, the 2019 IAAF Diamond League Shanghai Stop came to a close. In this highly-respected 100-meter-run Su Bingtian ran out of 10 seconds and won the fifth place, got the tickets for the Tokyo Olympics, and Xie Zhenye won the sixth place with 10 seconds 09.

Watching he this year diamond league overall, the Chinese athleths performed well: the women's javelin gold medal of Luhuihui, Wang Yu's men's high jump gold medal, Gong Lijun's women's shot silver medal, Xie Wenjun's 110-meter silver medal, Wang Jia's men's long jump Silver medal, and Li Ling's women's pole vault, in the 16 official competitions, the Chinese Army won 2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze.

The Leyard Group| Global D Sports provided nearly 400 square meters of LED ring screen, and set a large LED display at the door of the athlete's entrance.

Leyard's LED screen, with its clear and bright display effect, has become the focus of the live broadcast of major media. The high-quality image performance makes it possible to assume the responsibility of being the high-definition display platform for the advertising information of major event sponsors, to show the charm of the sponsors for more audiences, and to light a relaxed and fashionable landscape on the stadium. The audience’s lively and enjoyable scene-watching experience.