The 2019 Shanghai International Equestrian Championship gathering the World The top riders of the world

The three-day 2019 the Longines Global Equestrian Championship kicked off and attracted many of the world's top riders. The world's highest five-star equestrian obstacles brought many eye-catching equestrian enthusiasts to China. Wonderful competition. At the same time, the elegant atmosphere created by the event also allows the audience to enjoy an unforgettable and elegant May Day holiday experience while enjoying the best equestrian competition.

The Leyard Group| Global D Sports is committed to presenting a wonderful atmosphere for the audience. The Leyard Group| Global D Sports has been the LED supplier and strategic partner of the 2019 Surfing Globe Equestrian Championship for the fourth consecutive year, providing on-site LED visual effects. Service, creating the perfect visual effect, bringing a comfortable and comfortable visual experience.

Shanghai has become an indispensable championship stop for the world-renowned riders. Chinese equestrian players also use this platform to measure their gap with the world's top riders, and strive for the points and championship glory.

It is the sixth anniversary of the Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship , more and more viewers are attracted by championship culture and elegance.

There are dozen of entertainment attraction outside the court. The carousel that continues to debut this year has been favored by many young viewers. After the British, Czech and French themes of previous years, this year's new European town has brought a strong European style and surprises.

As a top international event in Shanghai, the Longines Global Equestrian Championship once again brought you the charm of Shanghai, a cosmopolitan city. In the future, Leyard Group| Global D Sports will be more committed to improving the visual quality of the event, bringing more exciting visual effects and continuing to help Chinese equestrian sports and events.