2019 Shanghai Masters ● The final match belonging to the burn 95 players

On October 12th, the 2019 Shanghai Rolex Masters will usher in the semi-final stage competition. The four rising stars of the tennis world, who can win Shanghai, let us witness the delightful game.

The first semi-final will begin no later than 4:30 pm, with No. 3 seed Medvedev playing against No. 6 seed Sisy Pas. In the previous four rounds of the two sides, Medvedev maintained a complete victory. Whether Medvedev can continue to be in good shape, and whether Cicipas can win the world after winning the first place, this game will undoubtedly be a visual feast.

The second semi-final will be played by Beretini against Zverev. Both of them currently have the hope of stimulating the qualification of this year's ATP finals singles competition, because the two will definitely do their best for this game. In the case where the record is equally divided, who can go further is worth looking forward to.

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