Leyard helps 2019 China Open to come to a successful end

On the evening of October 6, the two-week 2019 China Tennis Open ended successfully at the Beijing National Tennis Center. With the end of the finals - the men's singles championship battle, men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles four championship trophies have found their respective ownership. Osaka Naomi and Tim are the first to win the championship in the China Open, and the male and female singles champions have added new names.

In the women's doubles finals that started in the afternoon, after three hard battles, the American group Kenning/Matek defeated the multinational group Ostapenco (Latvia)/Yastraremska (Ukraine) by 2-1. Winning this year's China Open Women's Doubles Championship, this is the first champion of this year's China Net. Kenning and Martek are women's doubles with a wild card. They can win five games in a row and make the two happy. The same American players decided to join in this next year to participate in the Tokyo Olympics next year.

In the next men's doubles final, Croatia's Dodig and Slovak's Polasek defeated the No. 2 seed Cooper (Poland) / Merlo (Brazil) 2-0. With weak and strong war cases, I would like to win this year's China Open Men's Doubles Championship.

The highest level women's singles final ended in the evening. The No. 4 seed, 21-year-old Japanese girl, Osaka Naomi, defeated the world's No. 1 Australian player Batty with a 2-1 reversal. After winning the Pan Pacific Open women's singles two weeks ago, she won the back-to-back championship again and won the championship. The fifth WTA championship trophy, including the two-time Grand Slam tournament, was the first time that Daegu Naomei won the championship in the China Open and was the first Asian player to win a singles title in the China Open.

The latest men’s singles title battle was unfolded between the seed No. 1 seed Tim and the Greek “beautiful boy” Sixi Pass, born in 1998. In the unfavorable situation of losing a set of discs, Tim relied on his strong strength to continue to play a wonderful ball, which made people stunned and even ridiculous. The winning streak was reversed and the final victory was won by 2-1. He won the first men's singles title in the China Open and became the 10th men's singles winner in the history of China Open.

In the past two weeks, from the September 22 ITF Youth Competition, to the October 6th four-time champion, the 16-year-old China Net and its venue - Beijing National Tennis Center It has become a good place for fans and citizens to have holidays and has become the focus of national sports fans and the international tennis community. In addition to the wonderful competitions of the many international tennis stars and fans for the fans, the opening ceremony of the evening 10,000 people sang "I and my motherland" and other classic moments, the stars and fans of the interaction, the organizing committee Many public welfare activities organized by many units have left a deep impression on people. Although the curtain of the China Open in 2019 has been closed, it has passed the 16-year-old Chinese tennis brand event, just like the championship road outside the diamond stadium. It continues its dream and will continue to create new glory.

Leyard was deeply involved in the visual effects service of China Open. In addition to the large-scale LED screen of nearly 1000 square meters in the China Open, this year, a big TV was placed in the star private room.

As the global LED leader, Leyard has been the exclusive partner of this event for 6 consecutive years. China Open has also become the world's largest number of LED screens in the top tennis tournaments worldwide, from the event to the broadcast, the on-site sponsors' rights display, The atmosphere of the event and so on, the comprehensive screen size reached 1000 square meters, achieving the perfect combination of LED technology and events, creating a visual experience of cool new events.